Deal’s Gap 2025
EFnet #motorcycles

Join us Saturday, April 26th through Saturday, May 3rd, 2025, (04/26/2025, 12:00pm – 05/03/2025, 12:00pm) in the serene mountain ranges of North Carolina and Tennessee for some spirited motorcycle touring and social gathering.

Unreal Collection of Roads

Choose long day rides or just mess around near the cabin. The options are endless. With a number of named loops and well educated, highly skilled tour guides, we can show you the Dragon’s tail. But thats just a start. Once you have slayed the dragon, you must explore the Dragon’s Lair. Don’t hang around too long, and use the moonshiner to escape on the reverse eck0 loop.

Eck0 riding the Cherohala, a pass running from 2000 ft to 5900 ft.

Treetops Mountain Retreat

  • Must be 21 to Attend.
  • Ride your own ride.
  • Bring both warm and cold gear.
  • Respect the Property and one another.
  • Novice passing rules on public roads
  • No littering, clean up after yourself
  • Rules are posted on the refridgerator doors of each house
eck0 and mist0p milking the last .8 gallons to the gas station.

The Rides

  • The Dragon (11 miles)
  • Moonshiner & Wayah Loop (120 miles)
  • Foothills Parkway Loop (127 Miles)
  • Tellico Beach (45 miles)
  • The Dragon’s lair (36 miles)
  • Led Group Rides Available Daily
  • Helmet newer than 5 years required.
  • Guided rides leave at 9:00am.

See Old Friends, Make Some New

  • You must know someone who attends the trip.
  • We are a tight-knit group from Efnet #motorcycles.
  • Join the channel or be ridiculed.
  • Interlopers will be kept indefinitely.
  • Invitees must be cleared by the house renter(s).
  • Cats on property are free to good homes.
  • Dogs wearing collars are pets. Do not take.
Footage of a motoA race captured by mist0p from the barber museum window.

Barber Motorsports Park

  • Saturday Museum day May 3rd.
  • Optional Trackday, talk with mist0p for details.
  • Bring one-piece leathers with a back protector.
  • Full-face helmet, gauntlet gloves, full coverage boots.
  • *will update with dates for barber TD

We strive to create an environment of learning, and fostering new riders while giving the squids a chance to bust a few wheelies.”


EFnet #moto Senior Squid